OWS lubricants are of the highest quality. Our fully synthetic oils adopt poly alpha olefin synthetic technology for utmost protection and performance. OWS lubricants are produced and packed in Germany and we ensure that our oils are certified by API, ACEA and individual manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche. We also test our oil regularly to ensure that maximum quality is extracted from every drop.

Syntholube TXI 5w50 | Syntholube TXI Xtreme 5w60
Multilight LXI 10w40 | High Performance Diesel Oil 15w40
Superturbo Oil 20w50
ATF Dexron III | Synthogear 75w90 LS/TS

Syntholube TXI 5W50
Fully Synthetic Poly Alpha Olefin Engine Oil

This high performance motor oil is formulated with OWS Poly Alpha Olefin (PAO) synthetic technology. Highly recommended for use in modern engines with extended oil change intervals due to its high sludge resistance. It is also more economical than conventional non-synthetics by providing better fuel economy, reducing engine wear and improving reliability. The broad viscosity range secures the best lubrication in engines operating in low and extremely high temperatures. It provides modern multi valve engines with the best protection against wear even against the tightest tolerances and is suitable for all gasoline and diesel engines.

API SL / CF; ACEA A3, B3; Mercedes-Benz Approvals for Service Products Sheet 229.1; Porsche Approval; VW-Norm 501 01 and 505 00 Issue 11/92

Syntholube TXI xtreme 5W60
Fully Synthetic Poly Alpha Olefin Engine Oil

OWS TXI Syntholube SAE 5W-60 is specially developed with OWS Poly Alpha Olefin Synthetic Technology for special applications in high powered 4 stroke modified, turbo charged or supercharged engines. It offers a stable lubricating film especially at extreme temperatures and high engine speeds thereby allowing performance engines to maximise its potential. Developed with a special additive for extra protection, it is designed for track days and endurance races.


Multilight LXI 10W40
Fully Synthetic Hydrocrack Engine Oil

The OWS 10W40 is a light running engine oil with OWS fully synthetic hydrocrack technology. For use in cars (gasoline, diesel and supercharged motors) and light commercial vehicle motors.

ACEA A3,B3; API SL/CF; Mercedes-Benz Approvals for Service Products Sheet 229.1; VW-Norm 500 00 and 505 00 Issue 1/07, BMW Special Oils

OWS15W40 Super High Performance Diesel Oil

This product is a mineral based Super High Performance Diesel Oil multigrade motor oil with a specially designed additive formulation. It is developed specifically for highly loaded commercial vehicle diesel motors with extended oil changing intervals up to 90,000 km. This oil is ideal for fleet owners as it can dramatically reduce maintenance costs i.e labour cost, oil filters and down time; up to 3 times.

ACEA E3; API CH-4; Renault RLD; SCANIA; DAF; IVECO; Mercedes Benz Approval for service product sheet 228.3; MAN M 3275; Volvo VDS-2; MACK EO-L Plus; Voith 67.2246.11 (Retarder)

OWS 20W50 Superturbo Oil

This is a multigrade 20w50 oil which can be used for all seasons of the year. This is no ordinary 20w50 oil as it is made from Germany's purest base oils and packed generously with Lubrizol's finest additives. It is highly recommended for diesel and gasoline motor vehicles with or without turbo.

API SL/CF-4, ACEA A2,B2,E3, Mercedes Benz Approval for service product sheet 228.1, VW 501.01 +505.00, MAN 271, chem CCMC D4 / PD2/ G4


OWS Automatic Transmission Fluids & Gear Box Oils

OWS Dexron III Fully Synthetic ATF

This high quality Auto transmission oil is developed with OWS synthetic technology and in accordance with current General Motors's specification of Dexron III. It is designed for use in most modern automatic passenger cars and commercial vehicles for extended oil change intervals (Upto 120,000km for ZF Auto transmission boxes). Product is coloured red.

-Greater Heat Dissipation
-Greater Wear Protection
-Improved Lubrication
-Greater Foam Inhibition
-Improved Shift Quality

Ford Mercon; Detroit Diesel Allison C-4; MAN 339 Type F; General Motors ATF Dexron III 30589 ; Mercedes-Benz approvals for service products sheet 236.1 , ..236.5; Voith 55.6335.10 (G 607); ZF TE-ML 03,..04B,..09A,..11B,..14D; BMW.

Additives sourced from

OWS Synthogear 75W90 LS/TS Synthetic Gear Oil

This high performance gear oil with OWS synthetic technology, is for use in passenger cars with 4-5 speed transmissions and transaxles. Also for the use in gearboxes and auxiliary drives in commercial vehicles and motorcycles. Use this multigrade oil in place of single grade oils in accordance with API GL 4/5 (SOW 80W, 85W-90), in case of shifting difficulties (e.g. hard to shift gears, noisy). LS formula also suitable for cars fitted with LSD. This oil is ideal for all race applications.

API GL4/5 ; VW-Norm 501 50 (G50); Ford ESD M2C175-A; ZF TE-ML 02D,..08A

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