Our flagship product, the Vitamins For Your Car ® series, was developed at great expense and as such, we are proud to say that few can equal the outstanding performance and value that this product line offers. Vitamins For Your Car ® is a professional grade series of products specially formulated to keep automotives running with optimal effectiveness and efficiency. It focuses on three main areas, namely cleaning, protection and enhancement.

210 Engine Flush | 220 Engine Protector
360 Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Treatment | 380 Octane Booster
410 Thermo Cover | 420 Radiator Stop Leak | 430 Radiator Flush

OWS 210 Engine Flush

While oil filters remove sludge, tar, varnish and particles over 25 microns; wear metals and other contaminants less than 25 microns continue to circulate within the engine. These contaminants accumulate within passageways, oil pumps and oil pans blocking oil channels and reducing lubrication. This causes engine wear and sticky valves resulting in sluggish performance, rough and noisy engines. The OWS 210 Engine Flush cleans away loose carbon and sludge buildup while remaining inert to engine internals, such as metal surfaces and rubber seals/gaskets. By clearing away the accumulated sludge & loose carbon deposits; compression, power and efficiency are restored while extending the life of your engine.

Before Engine Flush

After Engine Flush

OWS 220 Engine Protector

All good engine oils have additives albeit in differing proportions and mixture depending on the formulas. However, this is usually not in a significant proportion due to the high cost of designing and implementing a good additive package for every litre of oil.

The OWS 220 Engine Protector is a concentrated formula that gives the engine the utmost level of protection; thus reducing friction, fighting corrosion and neutralising acid buildup in the engine. Even the most modern engines will run smoother and quieter.

OWS 360 Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Treatment

Modern cars running on engine control units (ECU) and fuel injections are tuned for high performance but often only driven at less than half the engine's potential due to the start and stop nature of city driving. This type of city driving increases carbon buildup at the intake valves and injectors. Dirty injectors provide poor spray patterns causing poor combustion, loss of power and high fuel consumption.

The OWS 360 Gasoline and Diesel Treatment cleans the injectors and intake valves to restore them to peak efficiency, giving better fuel economy and improved throttle response.

Dirty Injector

Clean Injector

OWS 380 Octane Booster

Modern engines are designed to run on 98 Octane fuels, which may not be readily available in some parts of the country. Even if they are available, some highly modified engines still require higher octane due to higher compression, turbo charging or supercharging.

The OWS 380 Octane Booster was designed to meet this need and with fun in mind. It is a racing formula designed to put a big smile on enthusiasts and even the everyday driver. Ideal for track days or the occasional drag race while the driver is looking for an edge over his opponents. The OWS 380 increases the Octane Level in fuel up to 7 Octane Points and can dramatically increase horsepower and torque while reducing engine knocks, pings and hesitations. Dyno tests have shown to produce up to 10 Hp more.

OWS 410 Thermo Cover

The OWS 410 Thermo Cover is an environmentally friendly product made of synthetic compounds that optimises the action of cooling water. It will prevent lime release from the water even when it is heated up thus protecting the cooling system and ensuring 100% efficiency all the time. Tests conducted have seen operating temperatures drop between 5 to 10 degrees

-Cleans the whole cooling system
-Prevents sludge build up
-Produces clean surfaces which improves and equalizes
  heat transmission thus preventing overheating
-Prevents lime build up and corrosion
-Prevents foam forming
-Neutralises pH
-Can be used to all types of coolant and cooling water (GL5/6

OWS 420 Radiator Stop Leak

The OWS 420 Radiator Stop Leak works by pressure and it contains a special compound that can block up to 20 holes in the radiator and allow the car to function as normal until permanent repairs can be rendered.

-Safeguards the radiator
-Loss of coolant
-Small seepage in cooling system
-Leaking head gasket
-Prevents future leaks

OWS 430 Radiator Flush

The OWS 430 Radiator Flush will clean away all rust, lime deposits and impurities such as oil, sludge and grease, which cause reduction of efficiency and choking of the cooling system. Being 100% safe on radiator materials it loosens up dirt in radiator, heater, pipelines and engine.

-Safe to rubber & plastics
-Tolerates anti-freeze
-Contains no agressive acids and lye
-Neutralised acids

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